A one-person, poetic meditation on climate change commissioned by Siv Ngesi, premiered at the National Arts Festival in July 2013.


Siv Ngesi commissioned me to write a one-person show for him that would have international legs, and that would provide a platform to showcase his talents beyond stand-up comedy which had been very good to him.

Thus was Panic born as a poetic reflection on the global theme of climate change, but set within an South African context.

First Production

Artscape, 3-8 June 2013


Heinrich Reisenhofer


Siv Ngesi


Artscape, 3-8 June 2013

National Arts Festival, 28 June to 6 July 2013

What the Critics Said

“4 stars.  A refreshing, relevant piece of theatre complemented by a performer who has the role justice”

Availability of script and audio-visual material

The script is available on this website.  There is no audio-visual material.