Iago’s Last Dance

I registered to do an MA Degree at UCT’s Drama Department and explored why it was that – given our history of anti-apartheid theatre – so few plays about HIV/AIDS had been done in mainstream theatre when it presented the biggest health threat in the country. As part of the (uncompleted) degree, I wrote this trilogy of playlets, each referencing a classical theatre piece, on the theme of HIV/AIDS. It premiered on the Main Programme of the National Arts Festival in 2009 and was nominated in the Fleur du Cap Theatre Awards’ Best New Script category.

Iago’s Last Dance is a trilogy of plays about betrayal and vengeance, set against the backdrop of the 'three-letter plague' – HIV and AIDS.  Moving from betrayal within a marriage to betrayal of friendship and finally, betrayal by the larger society,  they create a powerful intertext with South African HIV/AIDS statistics and policy.