Gevalle Engel

Originally written in English “Fallen Angel”, this work was commissioned by the Aardklop Arts Festival, and it premiered there in October 2013.


I wrote this commission from the Aardklop Arts Festival in English as The Devil’s Child, and, as with Die Generaal a few years earlier, the director and cast translated the text into Afrikaans during rehearsals.

The themes deal with a dysfunctional family, who carries the twin burdens of a deep family secret and the blame for a family tragedy. These make her “play out” especially towards authority figures. 

The play was performed on an ingenious, District-9 type set created by Francois Knoetze.

First Production

Aardklop Arts Festival, 24-28 September 2013


Brink Scholtz


Ilana Cilliers

Hannah Borthwick

Dann-Jacques Mouton

Johan Botha


Aardklop Arts Festival, 24-28 September 2013

Availability of script and audio-visual material

The script is available in English as The Devil’s Child.  There is no audio-visual material.