Elusive Spring

Written in 2012, this political thriller dealing with the struggle for democracy in Africa through the experience of an independent journalist, requires eight actors. Perhaps that is why it has never been fully produced, although it has had staged readings in Cape Town and England as part of its development.


Elusive Spring was inspired by Michaela Wrong’s book It’s our turn to eat about a corruption whistle-blower, John Githongo, in Kenya.

The play explores the theme of becoming and being a democracy in a constitutional democracy in an Africa country, but where the ruling party has little respect for the rule of law and for democratic principles and practice.  It does so through a central character who is an investigative journalist.

Elusive Spring covers a vast array of themes, with multiple characters and vignettes, in an attempt to show that in a globalised world, human rights, fundamental freedoms and democratic practice are often subjugated to the security and economic interests of larger global players.

The play may be performed with 8 actors.

First Production

The play has yet to be produced.

However, it has had a staged reading in Cape Town, as well as staged readings in London as part of the Afrovibes Festival in 2014.