Bafana Republic 3: Penalty Shootout

The Bafana Republic franchise is essentially a satire about aspects of contemporary South Africa and it is inspired by the 2010 FIFA World Cup. It is not about sport as such, but it uses soccer and sport generally as entry points for social commentary so that the title is a play on, and a reference to both the derogatory notion of a “banana republic” and “Bafana Bafana”, the endearing name given to the South African national football team.

Production Details

First production –
Director -
Cast – Lungi Pinda

What the Critics Said

“Van Graan, who is celebrated for not backing away from contentious issues, has written another cracker of a satirical show in his series of the Bafana Republic.”

- Sunday Independent, June 14 2009.

“Van Graan has a great ear for the ulikely punm rhymes and ditties and plays mischievously with language and meaning. His scripts are as fresh as your morning newspaper and keep changing with the political and social climate....if you want to know why people in power are scared of satire, catch this cheeky offering”

- Zingi Mfeka, Sunday Times, June 13 2009.