Bafana Republic 2: Extra Time

With a different script, a different actor and a different director, this sequel to the popular Bafana Republic premiered in 2008. It also won the Best Comedy category at the SA Comedy Awards that year.

The Bafana Republic franchise is essentially a satire about aspects of contemporary South Africa and it is inspired by the 2010 FIFA World Cup. It is not about sport as such, but it uses soccer and sport generally as entry points for social commentary so that the title is a play on, and a reference to both the derogatory notion of a “banana republic” and “Bafana Bafana”, the endearing name given to the South African national football team.

Production Details

First production:
Director – Francois Toerien
Cast – Reabetswe Rangaka
Stage Manager – Catherine Channing
Producer and Marketer – Cornelia Faasen


  • HIFA – 30 April – 2 May 2008
  • Festival of Fame – 11 May – 15 May 2008
  • The Gymnasium 9-20 December 2008

Awards and recognition

  • Winner: best one person show, South African Comedy Awards 2008.