Seminar: Rethinking Culture - the role and relevance of culture to the Sustainable Development Goals

As part of my residency at the University of Pretoria, I am organising a series of monthly seminars dealing with the theme of “culture and development”.

The first seminar was held on Tuesday 12 March, 12:00-14:00 at the Future Africa Campus, University of Pretoria.

Two of the key fault-lines in the world are inequality and culture (e.g. different value and belief systems). Various international, regional and national plans seek to address the fundamental developmental challenges that pertain globally.    What is - or should be – our understanding of the relationship between culture and development and how should this understanding practically inform development strategies and cultural policy?

Dr Brett Pyper, Head of the Wits School of Arts and Annabell Lebethe, CEO of Ditsong Museums of South Africa, were respondents to the paper which I prepared.