Establishment of an Interim Steering Committee for the Theatre and Dance Alliance

Organising a representative structure for the dance and theatre sector

On 15 February, an Interim Steering Committee of 17 individuals from the dance and theatre sector met to adopt an ambitious 6-week plan to launch a representative structure by 29 March.  The absence of such a structure was evident in the initiation of a petition to remove the minister by an ad hoc group and by a submission made to parliament on the challenges within the sector by another ad hoc group, the Theatre Collective.  There was clearly a need for a structure that coordinated and spoke on behalf of the dance and theatre sector.  STAND Foundation initiated this meeting and I served as the secretariat, driving the programme which included devising and adopting a new constitution, recruiting at least 250 members and hosting an election for a National Steering Committee.  The ISC met its goals and the new NSC met for the first time on Monday 29 March.