Atelier for Young Festival Managers in Malta

I have been contracted by the Festival Academy of the European Festivals Association to help devise the programme for, and facilitate their Atelier for Young Festival Managers.

Immediately after the launch of The New Humanitarian in Geneva, I facilitated the Academy for Young Festival Managers which ran from 23-29 March in Malta.  31 participants from 18 countries attended, with photographer Shahidul Alum - who was arrested and held in prison for three months in Bangladesh - delivering the keynote address.  Mentors included Roy Luxford from the Edinburgh Festival, Brett Pyper of the Wits School of the Arts, Luiz Coradazzi from Brazil and Robyn Archer from Australia.  This was my fourth Academy after Johannesburg (March 2018), Gothenburg (August 2018) and Greece (February 2019) and it was as stimulating, intense and engaging as the others.